The subtle mind of Steven Wolf

This year I got to know gallerist Steven Wolf of Steven Wolf Fine Arts and viewed his curated exhibit on Punk at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. We engaged in a lively “Artist/Curator Conversation” put on by the museum. Back in SF our continuing dialog included a studio visit where he uncovered my book of hand-tinted xerography from 1977. It went up in his gallery in the Wall of Sound show in July/Aug 2012. I have to laugh remembering how this piece was handed in as a final project at SFAI and resulted in a FAIL for my painting class. This was a year before they started their Emerging Genres dept. Seen here covering a whole wall beyond the amazing musical sculptures by SRL’s Matt Heckert, and 70’s era collages of David J Haskins of Bauhaus – the band – not the school.

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