Mugshot Slideshow

Twenty mugshot paintings are done and I’m starting a new pair today.
Here’s a tiny slide show.


The song is a live acoustic version of “Walnut (Now my heart is a small, black, hard, shriveled, rotten, little…)” from my appropriately titled Loners, Stoners, and Prison Brides album.

The subjects are are Babe Russell, a dancer, 1919; Connie Woods, 23, 1919; Harry Kane, 52, 1921; Della Bohland, actress, 1919; Alfred Jolliffe, 28, 1932; Henry Friedrichs, 55, 1931; Sarah Alexander, 21, 1938; Chris Babeco, 32, 1921; Carolynn Wells, 23, 1938; William Williams, 35, 1919.

I painted these using original photographs that are in mugbooks archived in the San Francisco Public Library’s SF History Center. The women are from a mugbook titled “Prostitution” and the men from one called “Muzzlers” -slang for sex crimes. But, just because a person is arrested does not mean they are guilty. For instance, one was arrested for “Crimes against Nature” which back then meant being homosexual. Thankfully those old laws have died away.

Eventually, I will have an exhibit and the paintings will be for sale. Galleries and collectors please contact me with any inquires.

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